Saturday, June 27, 2009


Baggie 1 (SOLD!)
Aigner Vintage Sling Bag
I bought this bag at Bijou. Worn for quite a number of times. This bag is really vintageous and the colour has darken a little especially at the bottom. The condition is 4/10. Not for fussy buyers hehe.

Retail Price: RM 70.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 29.00
You Save: RM 41.00

Baggie 2
Turquoise Small Tote
This bag is really in a mint condition. I only wore it once. Then I thought the bag is too small for me coz I usually dump everything in my handbag. So I'm letting it go at a really cheap price :)

Retail Price: RM 60.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 25.00
You Save: RM 35.00

Baggie 3
Off-white Bowling Bag with Pockets
Bought this one at Metrojaya a few years back. Wore it for quite a number of times and it has dirt over time. But the condition is still good. Only that it has stains at the bottom, dont worry no one will notice hee. Not for fussy buyers :)

Retail Price: RM 80.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 35.00
You Save: RM 45.00

Baggie 4
Vincci Long Golden Clutch
Still in a very good condition. Worn once by my friend to a dinner. Clean inside and out. Suitable for night outs, or dinners.

Retail Price: RM 49.90
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 19.00
You Save: RM 30.90

Baggie 5
Two Straps Long Guess Handbag with Pockets
This is one of my dream bags. Been wanting to have this bag since forever so I bought it at last regardless of the price. I took care of this bag really well. I still have the dust bag. No stains at all. In a very good condition.

Retail Price: RM 300.00++
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 150.00
You Save: RM 150.00++

Baggie 6
Multicolour Guess Handbad with G Buckle
This bag is roomy. The condition is good, except for the main zipper. If you're interested, please do not hesitate to ask for pictures of the zipper. Not to worry, the defect is minor and no one will notice :)

Retail Price: RM 300.00++
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 130.00
You Save: RM 170.00++

Baggie 7 (SOLD!)
Mustard Bag with Chain Handles
I wanted a mustard coloured bag, so I bought this one on the spot. I love the colour so much that I have to think twice to let it go. The only problem with this bag is that the handles have torn off a little. But not to worry, it wont cost much to fix it. Not for fussy buyers hee.

Retail Price: RM 30.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 10.00
You Save: RM 20.00

Baggie 8
Green Guess Tote with Studs and G Buckle
I'm not a fan of green so much. I didn't wear this bag much. Mum paid for this one, enough said :) One of the studs gone missing, but I can say, it's unnoticeable hee. Other than that, the condition is pretty good. Comes with dustbag.

Retail Price: RM 300.00++
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 130.00
You Save: RM 170.00++

Baggie 9 (SOLD!)
Hypnose Purple Carpet Bag
Bought this one online, for a bestfriend. But turned out she didnt quite like a girly bag. So I just kept it for myself which I have never worn it until now. No defects at all, very good condition.

Retail Price: RM 70.00++
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 45.00
You Save: RM 25.00++

Baggie 10 (SOLD!)
Juicy Couture Pink-White Small Handbag
I asked a friend in the United States to buy for me. Love the bag so much but I dont quite use it so I thought why not just sell it off. No stains and all. Everything is in a very good condition.

Retail Price: RM 1,100.00 (aprox)
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 450.00
You Save: RM 650.00

Baggie 11 (SOLD!)
Long Black-White Furry Sling Bag
You can sling it, or wear it as a clutch. It's your choice!

Retail Price: RM 40.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 15.00
You Save: RM 25.00

Baggie 12
Padder RED Small Golden Hobo
I was very attracted to gold colours at that time, and I didnt think twice to buy this bag. Suitable for party or even casual. The condition is still good, only a slight lipstick stain inside :)

Retail Price: RM 150.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 65.00
You Save: RM 85.00

Baggie 13 (SOLD!)
Charles and Keith Pink Turnlock Straw Bag
I love the turnlock! This cutesie was bought for my cousin's wedding coz the theme colour was pink. But then that was the only time I wore it. I have nowhere to go with it, so sad.

Retail Price: RM 150.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 50.00
You Save: RM 100.00

Baggie 14 (SOLD!)
MNG Black Oversized Hobo
This was my daily bag to class. It's very roomy, you can throw everything in and still be in style. Has no defects to be noticed. Very good in condition!

Retail Price: RM 99.90
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 30.00
You Save: RM 69.90

Baggie 15 (SOLD!)
Momoe Denim Sling Bag
Denim can go with anything. A simple bag can give you a whole new look. Wear it casually or for picnic or jungle tracking or to the beach, you'll still look in style. This bag is in a mint condition. Bought a few years back, and only wore for a few times.

Retail Price: RM 69.90
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 35.00
You Save: RM 34.90

Baggie 16
Guess Multicolour Handbag
I fell in love with the colours as I was a very colourful person back then. The bag can go with most of my style, and it sure can with yours too :) No defects noticed, in mint condition. I love this bag so much that I took a very good care of it.

Retail Price: RM 289.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 180.00
You Save: RM 109.00

Baggie 17 (SOLD!)
G-Printed Guess Hobo in Pink
This design is an older design by Guess. It has been a while in my wardrobe and used to be one of my best collections. I love the strap and the silver hardware. The turnlock is just perfect. However, it's not in a very good condition. I would give it a 4/10. Do ask for more pictures of the inner bag.

Retail Price: RM 180.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 35.00
You Save: RM 145.00

Baggie 18 (SOLD!)
White oversized hobo
Just like any oversized bag, this bag is best worn for campus without losing the style. You can also wear it casually. The condition is 8/10 with a very slight unnoticeable pen mark.

Retail Price: RM 89.90
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 40.00
You Save: RM 49.90

Baggie 19 (SOLD!)
Valentino Zebra Printed Tote
Bought for mum during my Euro Trip (at Serravalle, Milan), but it's too fancy for her liking. I'm letting this off cheap so grab fast. My loss is your gain darlings! Since my mum didnt like the design much, neither she nor anyone else has ever used it. Still in a good condition. No stains, no defects and all.

Retail Price: RM 400.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 200.00
You Save: RM 200.00

Baggie 20
Cuffz by Linz Small Pink Hobo
Go wild look with hand cuff. Cuffz by Linz is very famous for their clubbing purse. This is one of them. Since this is an older style, there is no Cuffz by Linz's signature at the hand cuff.

Retail Price: RM 1,050.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 450.00
You Save: RM 600.00

Baggie 21 (SOLD!)
Topshop Blue Stripe Hobo
I always have a thing with Topshop bags. I just love their simple-for-casual design, as it's very teenage look. The condition can be rated at 6/10. A slight peel at the handle. Not for fussy buyers.

Retail Price: RM 120.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 30.00
You Save: RM 90.00