Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Baggie 25
[BALENCIAGA] Long Purse in Dark Brown

This is a USED wallet. The condition is 4/10 hence the low price. It was my mum's. She has been using it for a few years and since she just got herself a new one, she asks me to sell off this one.

Retail Price: RM 245.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 30.00
You Save: RM 215.00

Baggie 28
[DKNY] Brown Wallet

Mum bought this during her London trip last month. But she doesn't quite like the design coz it's too small for all the cards she owns. So she's letting it go at a cheaper price although she has never worn this wallet at all.

Retail Price: RM 300.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 240.00
You Save: RM 60.00