Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arm Candies

Baggie 22 (SOLD!)
Jane Norman Leopard Print Hand Held

Gorgeous. 'Nuff Said. It's an unwanted gift and never been used.

Retail Price: RM 150.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 75.00
You Save: RM 75.00

Baggie 23 (SOLD!)
Ted Baker Fade Red

This lovely bag was bought during Winter Sale in London a few months back. It is stunning and practical that I grabbed it straight away upon landing my eyes on it. Used only for a couple of times, then I realised it's quite small for me that I can't really dump my stuffs in it like I usually do. Still in good condition. Letting it go for less than half of the original price! A real bargain.

Retail Price: RM 130.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 55.00
You Save: RM 65.00

Baggie 24 (SOLD!)
Coach Signature Scarf Print Wristlet

This is an authentic wristlet which bought froma blogshop for Hari Raya last year, and had only used it once for the big day. It's so lovely and feminine that I don't feel like carrying it around, fearing of damaging it. However, it's got one tiny dot of stain as shown in the 3rd picture. Hence, this is not for a fussy buyer. It comes with a dustbag as well.

Retail Price: RM 230.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 160.00
You Save: RM 70.00