Saturday, July 4, 2009


[ESPRIT] BRAND NEW WITH TAG Long Blue Table Runner
This table runner was bought for my auntie, but blue is not really her colour, plus it does not go with the colour of her apartment. If you're looking for a bali-like table runner, this is the perfect choice.

Size : 40cm x 140cm

Retail Price: RM 120.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 80.00
You Save: RM 40.00

[GUESS] Brown Small Tote
This was my first Guess bag. Guess was very famous back then that I wanted one for myself. I didnt want a heavy-designed bag so I chose this one. This bag is very simple and it goes with my casual look.

Retail Price: RM 245.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 160.00
You Save: RM 85.00

[GUESS] Small Black Tote (SOLD!)
I bought this bag last year for formal use. I so love the G chain. It cought my eyes instantly coz it adds a little elegant touch to the bag :))

Retail Price: RM 200.00+
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 120.00
You Save: RM 80.00+

[MOMOE] Brown Small Sling Bag
I have a lot of sling bags. I just couldnt get over it. The details of this bag really cought my eyes that I didnt think twice before I grabbed it. The flowery details on the surface is very nicely crafted.

Retail Price: RM 79.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 35.00
You Save: RM 44.00

[Dorothy Perkins] Electric Blue Medium Sized Tote (SOLD!)
Did you remember this one trend of electric blue not long ago? I was one of the victim. I bought this without hesitation, but regret later because I already have a lot of this design. I can say that my loss is definitely your gain!

Retail Price: RM 200.00+
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 60.00
You Save: RM 140.00+

[GUESS] Medium Light Brown Handbag (SOLD!)
Another Guess bag for you ladies out there! Grab fast before it's too late! I have used this bag for quite a number of times. It's very roomy, and a very simple bag.

Retail Price: RM 289.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 150.00
You Save: RM 139.00

[KVZ] Purple Handbag (SOLD!)
Kathy Van Zealand babes! I love Kathy Van Zealand! I just love the design. But unfortunately I do not know where to go with this bag. Sad thing.

Retail Price: RM 250.00
OurSpringCleaning Price: RM 150.00
You Save: RM 100.00